The Basics of a Sugar Baby ?
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The Basics of a Sugar Baby ?

Sugar Baby Basics

A sugar baby is someone who is taken care of in various ways by an older individual. This can be financially or otherwise, but most often the sugar baby receives some type of payment for a previously agreed upon amount of attention or affection towards the older person. The age difference is where the term “sugar baby” comes from, as the older individual is offering “sugar” in the form of payment to his or her “baby,” the younger party involved. The amount of payment the sugar baby receives can vary, as can the amount of attention the other party requires.

Types of Payment from Parent to Baby

The sugar baby may make specific requests from their sugar daddy or sugar momma, however that payment often comes in the form of gifts every so often. They may choose to take a shopping trip with their respective sugar parent and pick out a few items that catch their eye, or they may simply send links to the other individual for products online. A very smooth tactic is for the sugar baby to go shopping and take photographs wearing certain articles of clothing or with certain accessories and ask the sugar daddy or sugar momma if they like the clothing. This can then prompt the older party to purchase the items for the sugar baby.

They may also simply make payments to the sugar baby through services such as Venmo or Chase QuickPay so the sugar baby can purchase the items they want right away without having to wait for the sugar daddy or sugar momma to do it for them. If this is the case, though, the older individual may often require some form of proof that the money sent was used as intended and not, for example, to purchase anything that may be considered unsafe, such as excessive alcohol or drugs. This could cause serious trouble for the sugar daddy or sugar momma and even have certain legal ramifications if something negative were to happen with the support of these individuals.

Types of Attention and their Variations

The services the sugar baby must offer in exchange for the, well, “sugar,” can also vary quite a bit. The most base level of sugar baby is simply there for company or conversation, sometimes even simply being available over text or phone to chat every now and then. Many find this situation most comfortable. You can find out more at 包養.

As a sugar baby/daddy/momma relationship develops, things can progress and the requirements may also become more intense and/or severe. Some sugar babies are even okay with exchanging certain types of physical or emotional attention in order to have goods purchased for them or to have money given to them. This can be anything from appearing at social gatherings with the older individual. Some can even offer to go so far as to have sexual intercourse or complete other sexual acts in order to maintain their sugar relationship. Each relationship like this varies, and it’s important to lay out the expectations at the beginning—for both parties.

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