Foodie watch out: The best food processors this year!
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Foodie watch out: The best food processors this year!

If you fancy having an efficient kitchen, then a food processor is a must-have tool. With the advance of technology, you can now have a co-chef next to you. For those living in the cold war era, a food processor is an appliance that is used to knead dough, chop, mix and peel foods. If you want the best tool next to you, then you need to consider the following factors – or just check out the reviews on sites like




Before picking a food processor always consider whether it has some additional features. Most processors come with motor speed and a pusher to squeeze the food through the feeder. If you in the market for a food processor look out for one that has a pulse button. This helps in increasing power when performing complex applications.




A good food processor is defined by its power; otherwise, it’s just another upgraded blender. You need a processor that can perform complex applications or you run the risk of burning out your motor.




The processor that you pick needs to cover your needs. It will be poor judgment on your end if you choose a food processor that can’t serve the needs of your family. For instance, if your family is small, a 10 cup food processor is efficient for you.




The Price should always be a determining factor when picking a processor. Rates typically range from 20 dollars to over 200 dollars. Expensive food processors have the benefit of having powerful motors which can be an advantage if you always have a busy kitchen. It is noteworthy though that a pricey food processor does not always translate to a useful appliance.


Below are some of the best food processors in the market today


Cuisinart DFP – 14BCNY Food Processor


With a powerful 750 watt motor, the Cuisinart DFP 14BCNY stands out as one of the best food processors in the market. It comes with additional accessories such as a slicing and shredding disc. It has a 14 cup bowl which can serve the needs of a middle family




Comes with a pulse button

Has two pushers – small and large

720 watt motor for efficient performance




It is fast, can typically reduce an hour of activity to minutes

It is powerful

The additional appliances and features are a great addition




It is made of weak plastic parts that break easily

It can’t handle kneading pizza dough

Parts of your processed food remain lodged under the blade


Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef


Breville BFP 800xl is a revolutionary food processor. Standing at 18 inches, this processor is an absolute Picasso of the food processor appliances. What makes it stand out?




Has additional tools such as multi-function discs and blades

It has a broader chute which is an advantage since you don’t need to pre-cut vegetables.

The bowls are free from BPA




Has a mighty motor that can typically perform various tasks

The appliances are an excellent addition when it comes to performing a lot of chores in the kitchen




It is less durable

It can meltdown after using it for sometime


Hamilton Beach 70760 ten cup Food Processor


The Hamilton beach food processor is an ideal processor for people who are starting out in food processing. This appliance is best suited to chop onions and grating cheese.




The appliance has a moderate motor -500 watts

Has broad feeders that can fit cheese

Comes with additional apparatus such as shredding discs and a slicing blade




Has an average motor to function perfectly

Grinds meat perfectly




Less powerful motor hence processes cheese poorly

Has a poor design