How Do You Know What To Look For When Picking A Plastic Surgeon?
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How Do You Know What To Look For When Picking A Plastic Surgeon?

Congratulations On The Decision To Get Plastic Surgery!


After all of those years going back and forth on the big plastic surgery debate you’ve decided to get the procedure! Congratulations on the next step to being a new you. Now the homework settles in, as you have to do some research to find the best plastic surgeon NJ for your specific needs.


What’s The Most Important Thing To Look For In A Surgeon?


While most simply scan their previous work by looking at before and after photos online, there’s a lot more to finding the right physician for you. You’re allowing this person to cut into your body and alter it to your exact specifications, that’s a pretty huge responsibility you’re passing on to the surgeon so make it someone that you implicitly trust. While their previous work on patients is a great way to gauge their ability, it’s equally as crucial to consider board certifications, online patient reviews, office location, convenience of appointments, and if you two actually agree on the safety of the procedure you want.


How To Get Started Selecting The Best Plastic Surgeon


Get busy online searching for patient reviews and not ones that appear that a doctor could post for themselves, look for ones that have to be certified reviews by their actual clients. Visit pages such as Facebook to read the reviews posted by actual patients via their own Facebook accounts that are totally real. Next, look into the surgeon’s credentials because sadly, there are doctors out there performing things like dermal fillers without ever being educated on how to properly execute them. Look into the basic elements of the potential surgery practice such as where they are located, and how easy it is to get a hold of an actual staff member should you have questions down the road. Imagine a week or two after the surgery you start to experience a complication, or you’re in pain and need to speak with your doctor for pain management, but you cannot reach him or her. This can be very frustrating and not something that occurs with all surgeons, so choose wisely.


What To Ask When Meeting With Your New Surgeon


Upon first meeting with your potential new doctor, you’ll know immediately if you feel comfortable with them or not. This person is going to change the appearance of your body permanently, you must feel at ease with them and be able to tell them your innermost feelings about your appearance. Surgeons are like therapists, they have heard it all and need to know exactly what it is you’re after. They expect you to have a zillion questions, and rightfully so it’s a huge process you are about to endure. There are no silly inquiries, so the best advice is to jot down everything you want to know and fire them off one by one with your physician. Whatever thoughts you have in mind from photos of what you want the results to look like, to concerns be sure to share them and get excited for the new you coming soon!