Review of Top Car Lifts for Home Garages
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 Review of Top Car Lifts for Home Garages

A car lift is a tool that has to be stable enough, reliable and safe. Given the choices available, it’s often difficult to buy the right car lift. Below is a comprehensive analysis of top rated car lifts for home garages and review of each model.


Triumph NT-9 Car Lift


It is a symmetrical car lift with a lifting capacity of 4 tons or 9,000 pounds. Triumph NT-9 car lift is designed with high-quality scissors car lifts. It has two upright columns that make it asymmetrical car lift. You need to know the dimensions of your garage before buying a car lift. The distance between these two columns is 128 inches. In fact, this space is enough to allow vans and saloon cars to fit on the elevator.


BendPak XPR-10 Car Lift


It is a symmetrical car lift with the capacity to lift 4.5 tonnes or 10,000 pounds. Its overall dimension is excellent. It has a distance of 118 inches between the two columns. That allows vans and personal car models to fit in the lift. Each of its vertical columns has the height of 145 inches. BendPak XPR-10 has free columns at the top as well as an overhead beam that helps adjust its drive-through clearance. It can lift a variety of vehicles ranging from SUV to pickups and small cars.

BendPak has a pretty good standing among home lifts, you can check Youtube to see some of their lifts in work, they are really good:


Dannmar Portable 2 Post Car Lift


It is one of the best portable car lifts out there. It has a lifting capacity of 2.7 tons and can lift a wide range of vehicles ranging from SUVs to pickups. Unlike BendPak XPR-10 and Triumph NT-9, you don’t need to bolt Dannmar permanently to the floor of your garage. Instead, it uses two upright columns with wheels attached to its basement to lift vehicles. In fact, one can orient its vertical columns to face each other by wheeling them around. Alternatively, you can angle these upright columns along their vertical axis. It comes with portable under-car access to make it easier for a mechanic to work on the lifted car.


Triumph NSS-8 Car Lift


It is a reliable car lift that can lift a load of up to 3.6 tons. Users can connect its two vertical posts using a horizontal carriage beam. You can also use its runway plates to attach its front row. The distance between the back columns and the front columns gives this car lift asymmetric configuration. Its drive-through width is 93 inches while its overall height is approximately 84 inches.


Auto Storage Lift


It is a durable and high-performance car lift that can lift up to 3.6 tons. It has two posts on the front row and two more on the back row. Auto storage lift has the same distance between its two back row columns. That’s what gives it asymmetric configuration. Auto storage lift has an overall height of 86 inches and comes with a high-rise design. It uses two approaching ramps to lift heavy weights. In fact, these wheels allow a vehicle to ascend onto the lift gently.