Ways to combine designer durags with outfits you already own
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Ways to combine designer durags with outfits you already own

While wearing a durag used to only be worn by African Americans in order to help set their waves, nowadays the durag has become a fashion accessory. Especially after celebrities like Beyonce decided to wear theirs on the red carpet.

If you have seen some of the celebrities now wearing a designer durag at special events, you may have decided you would love to try wearing one yourself.

After all, with so many designer durags now available online, you really could look incredibly chic. If only you knew how to combine wearing designer durags with outfits you already own.

Thankfully, it is actually possible to wear durags with a huge number of outfits. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The durag and a summer dress — An elegant cotton summer dress is actually the perfect outfit to wear with a durag.

A durag not only makes the dress look just that little bit more sophisticated, it also keeps your hair out of your face. If you wear a designer durag in plain white, or in white with a pattern, it will even help keep you cooler in the hot summer sun.

Wearing a durag with an evening gown — If you have seen any of the recent famous Hollywood awards shows, chances are you have noticed a celebrity or two wearing a silk designer durag with their evening dress.

In actual fact, one of these long scarves in a darker color, and worn with an elegant evening gown, can make just about anyone look like a movie star.

Pair a silk durag with chunky gold earrings, and a thick gold necklace, and you could look even more like you belong at the most exclusive of Hollywood parties.

Wear your durag with your sweats — You can even wear one during the day with sweatpants or shorts. Especially if you will be exercising at the same time.

This is because durags are easy to tie on, they actually do stay on, and that makes them perfect headwear for keeping your hair out of your face while you exercise.

Wear a designer durag to look cool — Of course, a durag is not just the thing people wear when they exercise, as they are also often worn to make the wearer look fashionable and cool.

The style for young people at the moment is wearing a stylish designer durag with t shirts, hoodies and designer running pants. This gives a trendy look to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Add a pair of designer sunglasses, and that average leisure clothes look suddenly begins to appear a little more upscale and chic.

In other words, it does not really matter which type of outfits you own as, if you buy the right color and style of designer durag, you really can wear them with just about anything.