What are dermal fillers and Are They For Me?
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What are dermal fillers and Are They For Me?

Many people want to adjust their facial looks for a special occasion or they are tired of the way they look. Dermal fillers give you the option of having fuller lips, diminish facial lines and a restored fresh look to your overall appearance. The patient receives an injected filler which is a soft tissue. If you’re trying to get rid of lines, then the doctor (NYC Plastic Surgeon) would inject them into your face attempting to fill the wrinkles.

Most Dermal fillers are temporary as the body will eventually absorb them over time. People find dermal fillers handy as they age because our faces will lose subcutaneous fat naturally. When this happens, our facial muscles are working a lot closer to the skin’s surface which then creates the common crow’s feet around our eyes or mouth. Our faces stretch as well, which takes away that fresh volume face we used to have. Here are some other elements that can decrease our facial skin.

Sun Exposure




Enhance Shallow Contours

Improve visible recessed scars

Eliminate or decrease shadows under lower lids

Make Lips Plump

Smooth and soften creases and wrinkles

If you can get passed the fact that we all age, then considering the chance to reverse the aging process with Dermal fillers may be for you. Most people feel it’s time to get them when they begin to see early signs of aging on their face. Others might feel that their lips where never as thick as they wanted them to be. Dermal fillers can change these concerns. You can consider the procedure as a way to rejuvenate your looks or add value to it. If you are always in front of a camera for work and want to look fresh for that morning show or retain some of your youth, Derma fillers could be the right choice.


If you are looking to get a full on face lift, Derma fillers are not this at all. This also goes for eye or brow lifts. A non-surgical procedure like Derma fillers will not give you the same results. They are only temporary and you probably will have to return for a new treatment. A Derma filler can possible delay the time when you are considering a new facelift.

Like any medical procedure that deals with adjusting your body, you should consult an expert. Do as much research as you can because it helps in the end. There is a lot of information online or you can reach out to friends. It’s also best to observe before and after pictures, so you see how it will look. This can help if you are a little nervous and not sure if Derma fillers are for you. Aging will never stop, but at least you can find something that makes you look and feel refreshed in your appearance.